Monday, January 30, 2012

lovey dovey day cards

For those of you who know me, you know that I love love cards. I love letterpress cards and beautiful handmade cards and super dry humor cards. I can spend hours browsing a stationery store. And since I'm here in CT I won't get the chance to peruse my favorite shops for cute little notes, but that shouldn't mean that you readers don't get to! Here are my two go-to spots for card shopping: Paper Presentation in Manhattan and Lion in the Sun in Park Slope. And if you don't get a chance to get it together before Valentine's Day then Tiny Prints is here to the rescue with sweet little customizable and email-able cards.
So here is a round-up of some special notes to send your loved ones on the day of adoration (the above image from Rifle Paper Co., a personal favorite).

(Images from top: Rifle Paper Co., Smock Paper, Snow & Graham, Night Owl Paper Goods, Hammerpress, and Bald Guy Greetings).

thank you le pain...

Thank you le pain quotidien for your perfect unsweetened iced tea, your delectable brioche but most importantly for your cozy and private ambiance that made me feel secure enough to nurse in public for the first time!! What a milestone for mama annie the other day during our adventure into the big city!
I had a doctors appointment the other day and our little family piled into the car with all of our baby gear and drove on into Chelsea, our former home. We met up with our friend and for a little bit it felt like I was a resident once more, I transitioned right into a city mom and started nursing over iced teas. It felt like quite an accomplishment. New motherhood is filled with these little achievements. Ahead of time you learn about all of the baby milestones; smiling, cooing, rolling over, improved motor skills, lifting his head but you don't think about what your milestones will be; leaving the house, grocery shopping, fitting in a shower and blow dry, going for drive by yourself, trying on new pants (more on that later) and nursing in public! I know both Luca and I have many more of these ahead of us but each one fills me with such pride and lets me know that I've got a handle on all of this and we're doing ok!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

never have i ever...

tried "cooler corn." Have you? I found this article on Bon Appetit and now I can't wait to try it this summer up in Maine! How wonderfully simple.
We're already so excited to introduce our little Luca to all of the wonders of Frye Island, our summer vacation place, and I'm excited to find new things for us all to do as a family. What are your favorite family activities over the summer?

(Picture from Bon Appetit)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

new things...

Here we are, a new blog, a new year, a new home and the most important (drum roll please), a new baby! I'm so excited to share all of these things with you as I navigate motherhood, transitioning from city mouse to country mouse and exploring all that we can on this little lifestyle blog.