Monday, April 2, 2012


I used to consider myself quite the activist. In college I lead the volunteer programs and became involved in many causes. I was a social work major and I wanted to make a difference in the world. Things have changed over time, I'm not as passionate about the same things as I once was. Not that I don't care, but there are other things in my life that weren't a factor in college (husband, baby, etc). As you grow, your priorities change.
However, when there is a serious cause that means a lot to me, I like to add my voice. Bullying is an epidemic that affects every town or city. Every time I hear of a child that has killed themselves because they were made to feel worthless by their peers, they were harmed physically or they were called names, my heart breaks. And now as a mom, I want to do every possible thing that can to protect this little guy.
This movie is so important for every child, parent, teacher, community member to see. Based on the trailer alone, it will be hard to see, but it will be necessary. It is each of our responsibility to make sure that our children feel safe, protected and loved.

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